AirFoilLabs, LES, and VSKYLABS Preview Their Addons in X-Plane 12

We last reported on something related to X-Plane 12 two weeks ago. Back then, it was about FlightFactor who shared two new previews of their addons in X-Plane 12. Today, we’re going to talk about more developers who are bringing their addons to X-Plane 12 and felt comfortable sharing some of them with the public.

The majority of the previews were shared through the official Facebook page of Laminar Research.


Starting off hot, a Czech-based aircraft developer, AirFoilLabs, has shared three previews showcasing their C172 NG in X-Plane 12. The C172 NG is a new rendition of the legendary Cessna 172 equipped with the Garmin G1000 navigation systems.

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AirFoilLabs released this product for X-Plane 11 just a few months ago, in December 2021. It is a study-level rendition featuring a vast array of features for the flight simmers to enjoy. However, to what extent are the features going to be represented in X-Plane 12 have not been detailed.

There is also nothing we know about the pricing and release of the X-Plane 12 version, or if there are going to be any discounts available.

Leading Edge Simulations

Continuing to go through the list, Leading Edge Simulations have shared previews of their Douglas DC-3 representation in X-Plane 12. To be more precise, the V2 of DC-3.

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As well as in the last case, Leading Edge Simulations did not yet make a statement on the expected pricing and release details. However, presumably, the team has switched from developing the DC-3 V2 for X-Plane 11 to developing it for X-Plane 12.


In our last article, we talked about VSKYLABS’ Rutan Model-158 project. This time, we are going to talk about one of VSKYLABS’ helicopters that will be brought to X-Plane 12 in the future.

VSKYLABS have in the past confirmed, that they are going to bring all their products to X-Plane 12. The team has even confirmed, that all customers will receive free product updates to X-Plane 12.

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If you want to learn more about X-Plane 12, we can only recommend you to read our previous articles on the topic by clicking here. Apart from that, we also have a constantly-updated hub for all X-Plane 12 addons which is accessible through this link.

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