AMJ Scenery Studio Releases Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for X-Plane 11

AMJ Scenery Studio has released their Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (ZSSS) rendition for X-Plane 11 on the SimMarket store.

AMJ and WFSS scenery studios have clearly worked hard to release their Shanghai Hongqiao rendition. The scenery is aesthetically appealing and is true to the model airport as the developer has implemented custom detailed textures for most artifacts. The developer has also used custom ground polygons to match the real apron of the airport. 

The airport also looks astonishing during darkness as the scenery includes night illumination.

Despite the sheer size of the airport, the developer has still managed to include distinctive features that make the scenery stand out. These include the hand-placed plants or even the modelling of the terminal interiors. In addition, the scenery is compatible with the SAM plugin and thus includes animated jetways.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is located 13 kilometres (8.1 miles) west of downtown Shanghai and is China’s eighth-largest airport. Despite being the secondary airport of the municipality (after Shanghai Pudong), Hongqiao is the preferred domestic airport, allowing locals to travel to other destinations within China with ease. The airport also serves some key international flights to Asian metropoles like Tokyo or even Seoul.


  • Custom ground poly for the apron and taxiway including realistic detail texture.
  • Realistic Ground Markings based on real-world CAD.
  • Manually placed plants.
  • Night illumination.
  • Animated vehicles in the airport.
  • Animated Jetways. (SAM Jetways)
  • Rebuild A building of T1 terminal
  • 3D Grass
  • Terminal Interior
  • Buildings are absolutely accurate and represent the current real-world airport status

If you are interested, you can purchase this scenery at the SimMarket store for an approximate cost of 30.60 EUR.

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