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Ant’s Airplanes Releases Historic CAC Winjeel for MSFS

Ant’s Airplanes announced their latest aircraft, the CAC Winjeel for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The addon is a conversion of the FSX model from the same developer but has been updated accordingly to suit the Microsoft Flight Simulator flight model and graphics.

About CAC Winjeel

The CAC Winjeel, a three-seater training aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia, was introduced into the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 1955. Before retiring, it was used as a trainer and forward air control aircraft, ensuring that the air attack would hit the intended target, until 1994. The Winjeel had been developed as a three-seater training aircraft with the idea of training two pilots at the same time; unfortunately, this idea didn’t last for long, and the provisional third seat is not commonly used nowadays.

Winjeels were supposed to have the R-795 Cicada engines developed by Pratt and Whitney; this plan was later scrapped, and the Winjeels were fitted with the 450-hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engines. The NZAI CT-4 Airtrainer later replaced the 62 Winjeels produced and delivered to the RAAF. It is sufficient to say that the Winjeels have had an interesting history.

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About Ant’s Airplanes Winjeel

The addon is a conversion of the previously existing FSX/P3D model from the same developer. It has been updated thoroughly with the current graphic and model detail standards. The addon comes with in-depth systems which realistically simulate the three levels of engine starter, engine oil consumption, and spark plug fouling.

The addon comes with two models, namely the normal and the FAC version. A pop-up GPS along with a pop-up tablet has been installed, which allows you to navigate and alter simple settings while having an alternative that allows you to use a simpler autopilot system.

The model introduces more realism into the simulator by using persistent fuel and oil settings, which save where you left the fuel and oil levels on your last flight. You can choose between three custom pilots: a vintage male RAAF pilot, a modern male and a modern female pilot. You can also choose to fly with the default MSFS pilot models.

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Attention has been given to creating a realistic exterior-to-interior sound set that allows the mixing of exterior and interior sounds whenever the canopy or windows are opened.

The addon can be purchased from FastSpring, SendOwl or Just Flight for 17.95 USD/24.95 AUD. It is also available on simMarket for European users for 16.50 EUR. More information on the addon can be found on Ant’s Airplanes website. To read similar articles, click here.

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