AOA Simulations Updated T-7A Red Hawk to v1.1 (XP11)

AOA Simulations have recently released an update for their Boeing/Saab T-7A Red Hawk rendition for X-Plane 11. The new version of the aircraft features, for example, new textures for the ejection seats, fingerprints added over touch panels, improved PBR effects, or completely reworked overlay of the fuselage. The complete changelog can be found below.

Version 1.1 is also fully compatible with X-Plane 11.50 running Vulkan. If you want to buy the addon, you can do so via the Store for $36.


  • New naval version added (T-7N Navy Hawk) with tail hook, double nose wheel and fixed refueling probe
  • New EFT version added with two large (300 gallon/2,000 lbs fuel each) external fuel tanks
  • Low-poly, low-res, no-script version included for AI flights
  • Comprehensive 28 pages User Guide
  • Completely reworked overlay of fuselage together with improved PBR effects
  • Working autopilot “test” lights into up front control display
  • Added “cardinal” heading letters to HUD (above mag heading)
  • Integrated additional fuel into various cockpit display lua scripts
  • OAT toggle F or C
  • Glide slope scale integrated into left MFD ADI page
  • HUD ILS mode
  • New texture and Normal map for ejections seats
  • More detailed normal map for landing gear
  • Remapped and retextured under wing pylons
  • Ground equipment added: engine exhaust cover, wheel chocks
  • Fingerprints added over touch panels
  • Bigger pilots
  • Pilots are now hidden when ground equipment is shown
  • Working Master Caution and Warning lights
  • Fixed parking brake indicator light behavior when applying partial brake
  • Fixed shadow bug below white buttons on both sides of PCD
  • Custom views available on numeric keypad
  • Emergency arrestor gear added + new switch on right console
  • New designations: T-7A, T-7B (EFT), T-7C (CAS) and T-7N
  • Fixed missing FMOD sound for MASTER WARNING RESET

Source: Forums

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