ATSimulations Releases Cri-Cri for MSFS

ATSimulations has yesterday taken to their Facebook Page to announce the release of the smallest twin engine aircraft, Cri-Cri, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. First announced almost three months ago, it is the first project from ATSimulations for the new simulator.

Based on the feature list, the aircraft features an accurate 3D model, realistic sounds of the engines, or 4K exterior maps for reflections or bumps, for example. Furthermore, the add-on features a total of three variants of the aircraft: piston engines, jet engines, and float-equipped.

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The aircraft can be as of today purchased only through the ATSimulations website for approximately €12.45. The developer is currently discussing with Microsoft the ability to sell the product at the in-game Marketplace.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Colomban Cri-Cri is the smallest manned twin engine in the world. This French homebuilt aircraft was designed in the 1970s and was named after the designer’s daughter’s nickname. Despite its very small engines, the Cri-Cri manages the cruise at a respectable 100kt for 270NM.

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Feature list

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 platforms supported
  • Accurate exterior an virtual cockpit 3d models done in 3dsmax
  • Ultra high resolution textures. Three 4096x4096p exterior defuse maps Specular, reflections and bump maps
  • Unique sound of two stroke JPX PUL 212 engines
  • Three models included: pistion engines, jet engines and float equiped.
  • Nine different liveries included
  • Some visual features like pilot hide (provide no pilot weight in MSFS load manager) and camping tent (set parking brakes, turn engines off and click on tent pack)
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