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AzurPoly Previews Transall C-160 for MSFS

French developer AzurPoly took to their YouTube channel to share a trailer of their upcoming Transall C-160 rendition. In the trailer, the developer gives an overview of all sections of the aircraft. This includes the exterior model, the flight deck and the cargo bay.

The flight deck mainly features analogue instruments complemented with ‘worn’ textures. These textures emphasise the old age of the aircraft type, given that the last C-160 was produced in 1985. The trailer briefly showcases a tablet to the left of the Captain’s seat, possibly hinting at the addition of an EFB system.

In addition, the trailer showcases the cargo bay of the C-160. The tip-up seats used for troop transportation are animated and can be stowed. When the seats are stowed, the extra space allows the C-160 to be used to carry various types of military equipment. Additionally, both the passenger doors and the rear door are animated.

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A quirky feature modelled on Azurpoly’s Transall C-160 is deployable flares. The trailer features a small demonstration of the flares, allowing simmers to enjoy a small pyrotechnic display.

The developer did not disclose any pricing information for the upcoming add-on at the time of writing. However, in a Facebook post, the developer hinted at a potential release in the “next few weeks”.

The Transall C-160 is a military transport aircraft produced by Transport Allianz, a joint venture between France and Germany. The aircraft was designed during the late 50s to meet the requirements of a modern transport aircraft for the German and the French Air Force. The C-160 made its maiden flight in 1967 and saw extensive operation history under the French and German forces. Nowadays, only the Turkish Air Force operates the C-160, with the two former operators retiring their C-160s in favour of the modern Airbus A400M Atlas.

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