BDO Aviation Releases Caen Carpiquet Airport for MSFS

Indonesian developer BDO Aviation has taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of their Caen Carpiquet Airport (LFRK) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although the airport is not large in size, this scenery offers a lot when it comes to detail. Just like any other good payware scenery, the developer has thoroughly utilised PBR texturing for ultimate realism. The scenery is also built on detailed ground poly and is optimised for best performances and FPS rates. The rendition also includes unique features that the real airport possesses, such as the modelled D-Day memorial that commemorates the bravery and efforts of the Canadian forces, who liberated Caen from Nazi Germany’s rule during the Second World War.

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Caen – Carpiquet Airport is an international airport located in Carpiquet, 6 km west of Caen. Initially used as an airbase for l’Armée de l’air (French Air Force), it was later converted into a civilian aerodrome in 1967. Currently, Carpiquet Airport only operates daily domestic routes within France to destinations like Lyon or Marseille. The airport did also serve international routes to England and Switzerland in recent times.

Key Features

  • Very detailed PBR texture
  • Detail model with low poly modeling
  • High resolution PBR textures in 2k and 4k
  • Very detailed ground poly
  • Hand placing vegetation
  • D-Day museum building available
  • Carefully optimized for best FPS
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If you are interested, you can purchase this rendition from the SimMarket store for a price of EUR 16.20.

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