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BeyondATC Gets A Complete Rewrite To Handle AI Traffic

BeyondATC took to its Discord and YouTube channels to announce and showcase its newest version of the application for Microsoft Flight Simulator, showcasing brand new ICAO phraseology. This update brings a lot of hope along with a new partnership and a complete rewrite of the programme.

What Is New In BeyondATC?

BeyondATC made a massive decision to rewrite the entire programme from the ground up, all the code was rewritten from scratch to include two new major features.

The first is the brand-new ICAO phraseology. Previously, BeyondATC developed its programme primarily with the FAA phraseology but the addition of ICAO phraseology would mean that the programme can be widely used in other countries apart from The USA as well.

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The second big reason for a ground-up rewrite was to include the injection and controlling of their own traffic. The lead developer of FSLTL is joining the BeyondATC team and will be helping them to implement direct traffic control using the years of knowledge acquired from helping to build FSLTL. This allows them to control all aspects of flight, from the taxi, to the flight itself allowing them to control sequencing and provide a much more realistic flying experience.

BeyondATC Release Date Still Unconfirmed

As mentioned by the BeyondATC team in their discord post, they’re trying their best to release the application by 2023 but it is more likely that the release date could be well into 2024. A longer development time does mean a longer wait for the players to experience the addon but could also be an indication that we will see a quality and polished product.

ICAO Phraseology Showcase

BeyondATC published a beautiful demonstration of their product which is still WIP on their YouTube Channel, flying from Heathrow Airport to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, two of the busiest airports in the world. The flight was carried out with no hurdles to the addon and it seems to perform quite well. It was particularly interesting to watch how well the addon handles the approach and landing segment of the flight.

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This is very exciting news for people who would like to fly offline and apart from major networks like IVAO or VATSIM but still experience ATC and follow all the procedures. The programme could also help people in overcoming their fear of ATC and establish a basic knowledge of general ICAO and ATC phraseology.

FSLTL Lead Developer Joins BeyondATC

The partnership between BeyondATC & FSLTL brings a lot to the table but at the same time doesn’t take anything away from BeyondATC. FSLTL will not be implemented into BeyondATC in any aspect. The team will be using pre-existing knowledge to build a more robust traffic injection system.

Instead of letting MSFS handle how the aircraft manoeuvre, BeyondATC will be taking this into its own hands since it already has a system to manage traffic for the player. The same system will be implemented to handle all the injected traffic in the surrounding area and give the player a more lively feel.

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While taking traffic management into their hands, BeyondATC has left the choice of traffic models in the player’s hands. This is excellent for the players, you will be able to FSLTL models, AIG or any other source. Unfortunately, BeyondATC will no longer be compatible with any other traffic injectors since they’re going to be injecting their own traffic.

At the time of writing this article, it is unclear what injector data source BeyondATC will choose to go with and the whole system is in its early stages at the moment. While it is unclear whether BeyondATC would be successfully able to achieve this ambitious goal, one thing is clear: the whole simulation community will be eagerly looking forward to this addon.

For more information on BeyondATC, read our introduction article for the addon!

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