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BlueBird 757 Not Coming in 2023, August Update Published

Some good news and bad news just struck the fans of BlueBird Simulations and their upcoming Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Via YouTube, the team shared some exciting information about the project.

The 757 Not Releasing in 2023

Unfortunately, the 757 is not going to be released this year as many have thought initially. However, it seems that the team wants to be more than satisfied with this aeroplane and focus more on the aircraft itself rather than releasing the plane on time and unfinished. They simply want to make a great first impression for their first aircraft ever.

BlueBird Simulations didn’t give any further estimate on when we might expect this aircraft to be released. However, the community is not taking this information negatively and is glad that the team wants to take their time to deliver a high-quality add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Showcasing The Aeroplane Further

In the YouTube video, BlueBird Simulations shows the number of simulated systems needed for aircraft to fly properly. Whilst the aircraft is not going to include failures upon release, you will be able to extensively simulate normal operations with this plane.

Currently, the cockpit recreation has its fifth version and according to the team, this should be the final version of it, with more enhancement and changes to make it look even better. Whilst many might not notice this at first, the team wants to have the cockpit as accurate as possible.

Lastly, Sherman, the CEO of BlueBird Simulations, who spoke through the entire video, mentions the amount of time and effort that goes into such aeroplanes. The plane needed several thousand hours of development, and the first few months were slow, as they were starting from scratch. It’s not only about the visual aspect but also about animations, systems, flight dynamics and sounds. Over the development time, the team expanded to three times the size compared to the beginning.

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The team definitely doesn’t want to rush the plane, and they want to bring an accurate and high-fidelity Boeing 757 rendition to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you would like to read more about BlueBird Simulations, make sure to read our previous article on their previous development update here.

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