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BlueBird Simulations Shares a Short Boeing 757 Dev Update

BlueBird Simulations took to their Facebook and Reddit channels today to share a short sneak peek at the ongoing development of their Boeing 757 -200/300 aircraft rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team shared progress on the virtual cockpit along with a few random screenshots of the exterior.

Boeing 757 Virtual Cockpit

The team at BlueBird Sim stated that they are hard at work on the virtual cockpit of the aircraft and is being taken through the AO bake process. This is to make sure it’s completely seamless before actual texturing work on the VC begins. AO or Ambient Occlusion baking is the process of rendering the global occlusion of an object, to a texture, via its UV coordinates, also called UV mapping. In 3D modeling, UV mapping is the process of projecting a 3D model’s surface to a 2D image for texture mapping.

Exterior Shots

Furthermore, the team also shared a couple of extra shots of the exterior model of the “pencil-liner” with all of its passenger/cabin and cargo doors opened. On their Reddit post, they shared an image of the aircraft during sunset which showcases that cabin lights have also been added, again, with all cabin and cargo doors open. Another small video update by the team will be shared in the following weeks and further stated that another more in-depth preview will be shared at FSExpo this coming June in Las Vegas.

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The Reddit post by the team was captioned: “BlueBird Sim 757 cabin lights added and doors animated!”.

When will it be released?

The team in their last in-depth development update stated that to develop their Boeing 757 to a higher level of fidelity and fine-tune performance, had to start from the ground up in C++ programming language. Although work on all major systems and avionics is progressing nicely, as well as other parts of the aircraft, the team in their latest Facebook post’s comments did mention that “we’re hoping late 2024 [for a release] at the rate we are going”. An official release date has not been shared by the team.

They further mentioned in another comment that the Boeing 767 will follow the 757 and development on the latter will ramp up after the 757’s release. All in all, another lively update from the very talented team at BlueBird Sim on their Boeing 757 progress and we look forward to the next dev update. For more flight sim-related news, updates, announcements, and more, do check out FSNews.

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