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BlueBird Simulations Provides New Development Update on the 757

The developer BlueBird Simulations has provided us with a new development update on their upcoming Boeing 757 via the Just Flight website. This time, after almost a year of no development updates via the website, but only through YouTube videos, the developer spoke about various parts of the development progress.

BlueBird started the development update by saying that it is almost two years since they announced the project. While a lot of things were already done since then, it was decided to redo the systems from the ground up in C++ programming language.

This means that BlueBird Simulations will be able to develop much more in-depth systems for the aircraft whilst also giving better performance. Currently, the main systems under development are the avionics, the FMS, air conditioning and electrical systems.

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It is mentioned that the avionics have been mapped out pixel by pixel to provide the best accuracy and the FMS will include all the pages that the real 757 counterpart has. BlueBird Simulations is also currently working on accurate air conditioning systems, simulating recirc fans, packs, trim air, and proper EICAS messages. Together with the air conditioning, the pneumatic system will soon be worked on with comparable detail.

Speaking of the IRS, it will have an individual simulation of each three, the left, centre and right systems, along with variable alignment times based on your location. However, you will be able to change this setting and set a fixed alignment time through the aircraft settings.

BlueBird Simulations also shared numerous previews of the passenger version of the 757. This time, we can see the 757 in British Airways colours at Heathrow Airport. From these previews, we can see that this is the 757-200 variant without winglets and with Rolls Royce Engines. However, a lot of details are still missing on the livery, like the registration and minor decals. This is still subject to change nevertheless. In addition to that, the winglet variant of the 757-200 was also shown in the old Icelandair livery.

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Going further down the previews, we can also see the cockpit that is surely in a deep work-in-progress phase, as there are untextured throttle levers.

Lastly, it is mentioned that the other parts of the aircraft are progressing nicely, including the new virtual cockpit, which has many improvements to visual quality and accuracy. Virtual cockpit textures are currently in the development phase, too. The team promises that the cockpit will look much better compared to the original visuals.

The flight model is currently in the testing phase, to ensure as accurate aircraft behaviour as possible, and both engine types, as well as the -300 version of the aircraft, are receiving several fine-tunings. Speaking of the sound pack, the work on this will start soon.

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If you would like to learn more about the BlueBird 757, make sure to read our previous article on one of their development updates.

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