BravoAirspace Announces Boeing 787-8 for MSFS Marketplace

MSFS developer BravoAirspace announced the upcoming release of their rendition of the Boeing 787-8 for MSFS. Based on the Premium Boeing 787-10 and marketed specifically for release on the MSFS Marketplace, this add-on targets to bring more airliner availability to Xbox users.

The Boeing 787-8 is the shortest variant of the 787 family. Coming in just under 57 meters, the -8 is a full 12 meters shorter than the -10! With similar operating figures and range, the 787-8 makes up for its size in performance and capability.

This is the first aircraft add-on the development team at BravoAirspace has released. The decision to use the already existing Boeing 787-10 as a base ensures that the developer’s effort went into properly modeling all the small details and minute changes between the -8 and -10 variants.

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As confirmed in a FaceBook comment, BravoAirspace has also gone through an effort to improve the modeling of the aircraft over the default variant. Lighting and various modeling-related issues have been addressed to improve the overall appearance of the aircraft.

Features included in this package:

  • Custom interior passenger cabin
  • GE and RR Engine types related to Aircraft Livery
  • Portable EFB with Simbrief integration and Navigraph
  • Custom Sounds and Lighting
  • Cockpit modifications reflecting variant alterations
  • Custom Flight-Model

BravoAirspace claims the aircraft will be released to the MSFS Marketplace on November 30th. The cost of this package is $16 which includes nine liveries. Additionally, a further livery package will be released at a cost of $5. This aircraft add-on comes shortly after the freeware Horizon Simulations 787-9 was released exclusively for PC users.

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