10.7.2020 – 10:23z

CaptainSim 767 updated to v0.99 (P3D)

CaptainSim has yesterday released an update for the Boeing 767. The new updates includes several new features and many bug fixes. The Boeing 767 was released as a beta at the end of April and has received several updates since. The current version includes only the Base Pack. Expansion packages, similar to how they work with the 757, are already announced. In the base pack, the B767-300ER is featured with PW2060 engines.

In v0.99, the aircraft will cast a shadow in all virtual cockpit views. The 767 now has full DirectX 12 support in P3D v5 and got a new rain effect with it. The yoke checklist has received slider animation. More mouse controls to some of the 2D pop-up windows are added. So far the new features.

But as mentioned earlier, there are also many bug fixes. The autopilot now moves the yoke as well. There are many fixes with the systems. The gear retract animation sequences is fixed as well. First the main door gears, then the nose door and finally all gears retract. As usual, the full changelog can be found at the bottom of the article.

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If you’re interested in buying the 767, you can do over at the CaptainSim store here for $99.76.


New features:
– Airplane casting shadow in virtual cockpit views.
– P3D5 DirectX 12 support including GlaCS rain effect.
– Yoke checklist sliders animation.
– Mouse control added to 2D HSI pop-ups: right click switches between MAP and PLANE Mode; wheel Up/Down controls Range Selector.

– The autopilot doesn’t move the yoke.
– FMC: the first waypoint is always missing on an approach if you choose a transition.
– APU Cooldown/Shutdown procedure.
– The TAI annunciation should appear above the EICAS N1 indication when an engine anti ice valve is open.
– The timing of the landing gear animation is off. The doors should open before the gear starts moving. Main gear doors, then nose door, followed by all the gear retracting at the same time.
– VNAV cruise page showing an IAS instead of Mach.
– Predicted Distance to ETA or Altitude (PRED ETA-ALT) isn’t working.
– When doing a Go-around when trying to select CLB thrust at 1000ft on the TMSP in does not change to CLB it reamains on GA.
– VNAV DES NOW violation of altitude restrictions on the way down.
– When using assumed temperature, it only starts reducing the EPR reference value when reaching a selected temperature of +30C.
– P3D5 4+4-door pax glass textures improved.
– Drawing of the transition and restriction points on the HSI improved.
– Throttles out of sync issue fixed.
– Lights fx updated to P3D5 HF2 changes.
– FMC FIX page #2 fixed.
– Autopilot speed limit modes fixed.

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