Captnchris updates San Diego Intl. Airport for X-Plane 11 to v1.1

Captncrhis, a community developer, has today updated his San Diego Intl. Airport scenery for X-Plane 11 to version 1.1. The new version features completely revised runway night lighting, activated SAM jetways and marshallers or added static aircraft for example. As usual, the full changelog can be seen below.

San Diego International Airport (KLAS) is an international airport formerly known as Lindbergh Field located northwest of San Diego. It is the busiest single-runway airport in the USA, and third in the world.

You can download this scenery from the .org forums here. If you do not have ALES addon, you can either download the scenery version without ALES needed or purchase ALES on the FSNews store for €17,48 (incl. VAT).


  • complete revised runway night lightning system
  • removed taxiway center lights (because the real KSAN doesen’t have it either)
  • all SAM jetways and marshallers are active now
  • added static airplane patch + added adjusted SAM jetways to the static aircrafts – means, all static airplanes are now connected to the jetways!
  • you can use booth together: static airplanes + WT3. No WT3 plane will park in a static aircraft.
  • added ILS hold line on runway exit B9 removed and replaced floating cargo dollies in cargo area
  • minor fixes 
  • BOOTH versions are updated (ALES and no-ALES)

Author: George

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