20.7.2023 – 14:52z

Revolutionary Project People Further Previewed by Chudoba Design

Chudoba Design took to its Facebook page last week to preview its latest add-on, Project People for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane platforms. The add-on promises to completely change the environment of your simulator. It aims to do so by taking advantage of motion capture technology to add lifelike and dynamic human elements to in-sim character models.

The current state of Project People

To reveal the current stage of Project People, Chudoba Design posted a 30-second video showing one of the add-on’s animated character models in action. The model is shown standing on the tarmac of an airport in front of a SmartWings Boeing 737. The preview seems to be recorded in the X-Plane flight sim environment and the animated “person” is just tilting its head to the left.

With this preview, Chudoba Design has made it clear that the product is in its initial stages of development. They stated that they are “scanning models, recording new animations,” and trying to create the first set of animations. The developer plans to release new information about Project People once their team has finished development on the product’s foundation.

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What next for Chudoba Design

Last, but not least, Chudoba Design shared that all of their ongoing work is halted, with an exception for an update on their Prague scenery, as all of their efforts have been redirected to Project People. Chudoba Design stated that the ongoing update for the Prague Aiport should be “one of the final technical updates”. Their team now desires to concentrate newer updates on other sceneries’ buildings, objects, and similar things.

As of now, Chudoba Design did not provide a release date for either Project People or the Prague Airport update. If you want to learn more about Project People, do check out our previous article on the product. For further reading do check out our coverage of other MSFS news, announcements, and releases.

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