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Chudoba Design Announces Animated People Library Based on Motion Capture for MSFS and X-Plane

Filip from Chudoba Design has announced that he is working on a library that will bring animated people based on motion capture to Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane. This is their most ambitious and largest project so far, officially titled Project People.

Project People will be a library for MSFS and X-Plane that will include accurately modelled people with true-to-life animations. Initially, it will be released for X-Plane, and if everything goes smoothly, the MSFS release will follow.

As Filip mentions, the team will rent a motion capture studio to make sure the animations are authentic and the 3D people do not feel unnatural. He mentions that this is all possible only after his recent breakthrough with inverse kinematics animations. Inverse kinematics is a technique that calculates the optimal motion of an object between multiple points.

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Project People will include a variety of models with which developers can easily make their sceneries and projects feel significantly more alive and vibrant. “Idle people, passengers, ramp agents, anything that comes to your mind“, Filip mentions. The team plans to record over a thousand various animations in a motion capture studio to achieve that.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not include any previews of the people models or textures as the team will rent the motion capture studio to record the animations for two weeks in the middle of April, and there is not yet much to show.

Project People from Chudoba Design will be free for developers who want to implement it in their freeware sceneries and flight simmers who will need it for their sceneries to function properly. Developers who will want to use it for their payware sceneries will have to pay a yet undisclosed fee.

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This is the first project of this kind by Chudoba Desing, although their interest in small innovations in their sceneries is clear. The studio is primarily known for their rendition of Prague Airport (LKPR) for X-Plane. Their portfolio contains other sceneries as well with a focus on Egypt and recently European airports, including Burgas, Bucharest, and Göteborg.

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