Chudoba Design Releases Burgas Airport for X-Plane 11

Filip from Chudoba Design, and his team, has about two weeks ago released a new scenery for X-Plane 11. This time the developers have decided to recreate a famous tourist summer destination, Burgas, a coastal city in Bulgaria.

The scenery has a lot to offer, ranging from high-resolution PBR textures to custom night textures and custom color-corrected orthophoto imagery for the airport area.

Further, the scenery also features curved ground polygons, which is a feature Filip from Chudoba Design is very proud of and is even somewhat revolutionary. This feature will allow the developer to not build all tiles into a grid, thus enabling them to use curves.

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The complete feature list can of course be found, as usual, at the very bottom of the article.

If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so through a variety of stores for the same price of a very reasonable €9 with VAT excluded:

If you are interested in Filip Chudoba’s works, you can also read Darun’s article on his freeware rendition of Mattala Rajapaksa Intl. Airport.

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Burgas Airport is an international airport in southeast Bulgaria. It’s the second-largest in the country. At 3,200 meters (10,500 ft), Burgas Airport has the fourth-longest runway, allowing widebody operations into the airport. Destinations include: Chilly Copenhagen, Frenetic Frankfurt, or Rainy Riga.

Feature list

  • PBR Textures
  • Custom buildings and objects
  • night texture for terminal
  • curved groundpoly
  • custom orthophoto
  • custom mesh
  • Ortho4XP compatibility

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