Chudoba Design Updates Hurghada Airport for X-Plane 11

Chudoba Design has recently taken to their Facebook Page to share a post addressing the upcoming update for their rendition of Hurghada International Airport (HEGN) scenery for X-Plane 11. That was three days ago, today, on December 1st, the update was released.

Marked as version v1.2, the new version of the scenery features, for example, new static ground handling objects, new textures for the apron, new tar-line feature, or improved compatibility with X-Plane 11.50 as well as custom orthophoto for the scenery that can be downloaded for free through Payhip.

The scenery can be purchased through the Store for approximately €18, or through SimMarket for €20.

In the upcoming updates for the scenery, we can expect new custom jetways and more custom objects. These were originally supposed to be in this update but were delayed.

Chudoba Design is, in addition, working on their rendition of Prague Airport (LKPR) for X-Plane 11. A small update has been given on that as well. Based on it, everything goes very well and we should get an open beta in March 2021.

Those who are asking about Prague… Guys, it will be big. We can’t wait to show you more! For now, everything goes very well, so we hope, we will be able to give you an open beta in March!

Chudoba Design – Facebook Page (29.11)

Changelog (v1.2)

  • new ground handling objects (static)
  • new texture for apron
  • new tar-line feature
  • improved compatibility with 11.50+
  • custom orthophoto

Author: George

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