Colimata Previews Concorde FXP v2 for XP11

Aircraft developer Colimata has released a preview post for their upcoming major v2 update for their X-Plane 11 Concorde rendition on the X-Plane forum.

Colimata announced on Friday that they have been working on their v2 update during the last few months. They have explained that their upcoming v2 update will drastically improve the reputed Concorde FXP rendition, with many improvements planned to be added to deliver an improved experience for supersonic pilots.

The Italian developer has expressed that the update is still a work in progress and thus would only be ready for release in the fall or winter. Colimata is also due to decide whether the v2 update will be free of charge or at additional cost for existing customers.

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New Features

One of the significant new features that will come with the v2 update is the implementation of a 3D CIVA. This will finally allow pilots to simulate real INS navigation with a fully modelled and working CIVA system, from which pilots can program routes using GPS coordinates.

Another significant feature that has been placed into the spotlight by Colimata is the complete rework of the Concorde’s complex fuel system. Pilots can now manually manage fuel pumps if desired or can resume using the automatic fuel system. More advanced features such as fuel dumping and manual fuel trimming will be available for pilots to use after the v2 update.

The imposing engineering panel of the Concorde will be reworked and will be accommodating fully working dynamic gauges, brake temperature calculation, or even the more intricate features like the Engine 4 N2 Takeoff Limiter. 

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Colimata has also integrated Avitab inside the flight deck.

Improvements and other changes

The developer has also worked hard on the cosmetic district of the aircraft, with improvements made to the 3D model, the outside textures as well as the cockpit colours. The iconic visor of the Concorde has also been reworked, giving pilots a more immersive experience during supercruise.

It is also worth noting that many bugs are planned to be fixed by the update, such as bug corrections with the flight model, flight systems, and with textures.

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