DeltaWing Simulations Releases CRJ-1000 for X-Plane

The team at DeltaWing Simulations took to the store to release their Bombardier CRJ-1000 rendition for X-Plane 12. Formerly known as AD Simulations, DeltaWing Simulations is mainly known for its military aircraft and CRJ-700 family recreations for the X-Plane platform.

This CRJ-1000 was developed alongside the assistance of real-life pilots on the aircraft type. It includes a realistic flight model, accurate autopilot behaviour and custom avionics. The FMS system, although visually modified, is based on the default X-Plane FMS, which according to the developer, highly resembles the one used on real CRJ aircraft. The aircraft also includes a custom EFB platform.

Additionally, DeltaWing’s CRJ-1000 features custom FMOD sounds. This includes the flight deck sounds, cabin sounds and engine sounds. Other intricate yet immersive additions include animated circuit breakers, a custom EFB system and adjustable lighting from the cabin section. Finally, the aircraft comes with a wide selection of liveries, ranging from Aegean to Iberia Express.

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The Bombardier CRJ-1000 by DeltaWing Simulations can be purchased from the store for $49.95 (approx €47,27). The aircraft is only compatible with X-Plane 12.

The Bombardier CRJ-1000 is a twin-engine regional jet formerly manufactured by Bombardier. The CRJ-1000 is the largest aircraft of the CJR-700 family and can accommodate up to 100 passengers. The aircraft is powered by two General Electric CF34-8C5 engines and can fly up to 1,650 nautical miles. In 2020, Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi took over the CRJ program and ultimately stopped the production of the CRJ-700 series. Nonetheless, the CRJ-1000 is still flying with Air Nostrum, a franchisee of Iberia Airlines.

Key Features

  • Basic Systems are programmed based on CRJ-1000 aircraft. In subsequent updates, we are making systems deeper and adding new ones. CRJ real-life pilots and a few simulator enthusiasts are helping us to develop and make them work properly
  • Fast-scrolling Flight Control Panel knobs
  • All switches now support new manipulators for mouse scrolling
  • Mode Control Panel SPEED and other modes simulate the Autopilot modes of the CRJs 
  • Implemented Electrical System
  • Circuit Breakers are all animated and ready to perform certain actions accordingly to their function in future updates
  • Tablet/EFB on Captain and FO sides
  • Functional Audio Control Panel with lit buttons and animations
  • Rectangular and  Arrows Flight Director Command Bars as an Options

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