Check Out The miniFCU Kickstarter Tomorrow, 5/31 For 60% Early Bird Discount

A team of Airbus pilots from Hong Kong is launching their first product via the miniFCU Kickstarter tomorrow at 16:00 (UTC)/12:00 (EDT).

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Has the MSFS Marketplace Failed Developers and Consumers? Developers and Community Weigh In

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on August 18, 2020, and with it came the MSFS Marketplace, an add-on store self-contained within the simulator itself.

Introducing FSMemes: Not Appropriate, But Family-Friendly

Were you always looking for a platform that would give you perfect, humorous entertainment during your flight? Fear not, as the FSNews Team is proud[..]

Flightsim.to Officially Rolls Out New Content Deletion Policy Amid Mixed Response From Developers

The controversy surrounding Flightsim.to’s Creators Program and the site's deletion policy rollout appears to be coming to a conclusion.   As we reported previously, Flightsim.

Flightsim.to Proposes Revised Terms of Service, Deletion Policy, In Response to Developer Boycott 

Earlier this week we reported on a developer boycott of popular Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on distributor Flightsim.to.

Developers Call for Boycott of Flightsim.to In Wake of Creators Program Announcement. What Does Controversial TOS Actually Say?

On February 11th, Flightsim.to announced some major changes to its popular online add-on distribution platform.

How Captainsim Manages to Put Itself Into Edge of Oblivion More and More

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Simcident Report: Massacre at Meigs Field – The Ill-Fated Fight to Save Flight Sim’s Most Famous Airport

Welcome to Simcident Report, where we take a look at noteworthy, dramatic, and historic events in flight simming.

Simcident Report: How Walker Air Transport’s Recruiting Campaign Spiraled into Accusations of Harassment, Intimidation, and Doxing

Welcome to Simcident Report, where we take a look at noteworthy, dramatic, and historic events in flight simming.