21.11.2022 – 15:37z

Felis 747 Classic Now Compatible with X-Plane 12

Developer Felis took to his Discord server to announce the release of an update for his Boeing 747-200 Classic rendition. The update brings the aircraft to version and makes it compatible with X-Plane 12. Please note that the pictures used in this article do not reflect the latest version of the Felis 747.

The biggest feature of this update is that it makes the aircraft now compatible with X-Plane 12. Any X-Plane 11 users can now use the Felis 747 on X-Plane 12. This upgrade is free of charge. In addition, the update brings many fixes and improvements, notably to the LTN panel.

If you want to learn more about the Felis 747 Classic, have a read at Liam’s First Impressions article. The aircraft is available for purchase on the x-plane.org store for $70.00 (approx 67.66€).

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The Boeing 747-200 is a long-range widebody aircraft. It made its maiden flight in 1970 and featured more powerful engines and higher capacity fuel tanks than the 747-100 variant. The Boeing 747-200 is classified as a Classic variant and features a 3-man analogue cockpit. Nowadays, only a few 747-200s are in operation, notably with freight and non-commercial operators. Former operators of the aircraft include Japan Airlines, British Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Change Log


  • Fixed backlight of buttons on the audio panels
  • Fixed LTN giving error, when selecting leg between waypoints having same lat or lon, but not both
  • Fixed power logic for INS and LTN. Was unable to start with dead batteries
  • Fixed loading and balance calc
  • Fixed crossing the LON 180 line in the LTN logic
  • Fixed STS page not able to enter UPDATE menu sometimes

Adjusted behaviours

  • Now compatible with X-Plane 12
  • IND lamps are now less bright in DIM mode
  • Clocks use less power and should not drain batteries too fast
  • LTN now resets the POS screen and STS to level 10, when turned OFF after the flight
  • LTN should save time in passing each waypoint for FPL page
  • New libradio plugin
  • Initial engine tuning
  • Weather radar antenna now synchronized with pitch to keep it levelled

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