FenixSim Publishes a Hotfix for Recent Update

The development team of Fenix Simulation Software, responsible for the study-level Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has published a hotfix for their recently released update for their aircraft. This hotfix fixes some issues and adds some new things to the current version of the plane. FenixSim announced this hotfix via their Discord server.

With the release of Sim Update 10 by Microsoft for their platform, the developers needed to accordingly adjust their add-ons, so they are working correctly in the newest simulator version. FenixSim took this to advantage and released a big update three days ago, which introduced improved sounds and behaviour of the aircraft.

This hotfix brought many fixes to the systems of the aircraft. FenixSim tuned the autoland feature, added PLD support, fixed engine idle EWD and revised logic for ground spoiler retraction. Furthermore, they refined APPR IDLE dynamic N1, which was faulty in the previous version of the aeroplane. This resulted in 31% N1 being idle on approach, which made it difficult to slow the aircraft down.

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Speaking of the flight model, FenixSim added drag to flaps 2 and 3. There also is a fixed landing gear drag. Lastly, the team removed blue highlights when hovering over stuff in the cockpit with a cursor by default. The random errant turbulence sounds were fixed as well. And last, but not least, the high-pitched sound that played every 4.5 seconds when AEVC is on was fixed too.

You can get this new update via your FenixSim app which will lead you to the download website if you need to update your A320.

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