12.9.2020 – 17:26z

FlighFactor A320 Is Now Vulkan Compatible (Stable Release)

In a post on the X-Plane.org Forums today, FlightFactor announced the latest update to their A320. They just brought the Airbus A320 Ultimate to version 1.1.0. It is important to know, that we have already covered A320 being Vulkan compatible three months ago, but that was a beta version, not a stable release.

The update not only brings Vulkan compatibility but also fixes such as reflections, joystick curves, beta/reverse support, and more. In order to update the aircraft, simply run the X-Updater located in the aircraft files.

If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $89.95.

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  • * Vulcan graphic driver support
  • saving and restoring popoput panels layout
  • saving reflection effect setting
  • spring loaded INT/RAD switch
  • joystick axes curvers and beta/reverse support

Source: Xplane.org forums

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