Flight One Previews iFly Jets 737NG for Prepar3D v5

Flightsim publisher Flight One has taken to their Facebook page to preview iFly’s upcoming Boeing 737 NG for Prepar3D v5.

The publisher has expressed that the iFly Jets Advanced Series is currently in the beta stage. Although the publisher has not included a lot of detail concerning the aircraft, they have provided quite a few screenshots. All the screenshots depict the ultra-high resolution virtual cockpit. Please do note that these are beta images.

Main Cockpit Screenshots

A strong aspect of the cockpit is the astonishing level of detail. When it comes to crisp and clean textures, iFly has clearly hit a home run. The cockpit is visually closely resemblant with a real Boeing 737 NG. From the 3D replicated circuit breakers to the cockpit seat texturing, there is little room for imperfection. The implemented cockpit lighting looks nice, both at night and during the day. The EFB is also visible on both the Captain’s and the First Officer’s sides. They are functional.

Throttle Quadrant and Pedestal

The screenshots speak for themselves. The emphasis on the level of detail around the throttle quadrant and on the pedestal is clearly visible. Even the rendered bolts are in 3D. The lighting effect on the fire extinguisher handles and the parking brake is also very accurate. There is a clear implementation of high-resolution PBR texturing.

Overhead Panel and MCP

The overhead panel and the MCP ( Multi Control Panel) are accurate. iFly appear to have gone in the route of backlighting the panels in orange and burgundy, which is implemented in some real 737NG aircraft. iFly has chosen a digital pressurisation panel but analogue standby instruments.

iFly released its first 737 aircraft 10 years ago. This subsequently means that the iFly Jets Advanced Series is not an addon from scratch. However, the new version will come with visual changes and optimisation.

Flight One has expressed the works on optimisation for virtual reality headsets and high-resolution monitors. Thus, this product will be suitable for flight simmers that seek VR or ultrawide compatibility. The iFly 737NG will be the second addon rendering the Boeing 737 NG for P3D, after PMDG. If you do wish to read about the latest P3D PMDG rendition, have a read at Patrik’s article.

The release date and the pricing of the aircraft are currently unknown. However, Flight One stated that the product will be up for sale shortly.

Author: Darun

My love for aviation was sparked in 2013 at Le Bourget Airshow, after seeing the A380 doing its spectacular display. Since then, I have turned to flight simulation to experience the thrill of being in command of aircraft. My passion for writing as well as my strong interest in aviation has led me to join this fantastic team and contribute to the flight sim community with punctual and reliable articles on the latest news and events.

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