FlightFactor Development Update: B777v2 and B787 Symbology

The team at FlightFactor took to their Facebook page to share an update on their 777v2 and 787 development. The past few updates from the developer were mostly dedicated to aircraft systems. Please do remember that both aircraft are still in WIP and thus don’t replicate the final products.

Boeing 777v2 Dev Update

Firstly, the developer gave an insight into some “behind the scenes” works on the 777v2. The first screenshot exposes some progress on Fontlab 7. The point of interest in this screenshot is the custom fonts developed for the CDU section of the aircraft (which is the flight computer of the 777). It is also noticeable that there is an “MCP-Figures” tab open, hinting at some work being done on the fonts of the Multi-Control Panel.

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In addition, the developer provided a screenshot of the upcoming aircraft’s standby instruments. They resemble those on real 777 models, with accurate fonts and colours.

Furthermore, FlightFactor shared a sneak peek into the audio development of the 777v2. You can see that there is development in the button sounds of the aircraft. These include the CDU, cursor, radio and com buttons.

Finally, the post included a screenshot of a “pinboard”, which includes all the extensive research done by FlightFactor. It is clear from this post that the developers are working very hard on developing the aircraft.

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Boeing 787 Dev Update

When it comes to the development update of the 787, FlightFactor decided to share screenshots of the EFIS. The EFIS is a bunch of digital flight deck instrument displays that display vital aircraft parameters. These include the PFD, ND and EICAS displays.

The Primary Flight Display (PFD) includes the artificial horizon, airspeed, altitude and heading indicators. The FMA display is also visible, with the THR REF and VNAV PATH modes active. More subtle features such as the Chrono, clock or even the Angle-Of-Attack indicator have made their way onto the display.

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The post also depicts the ND mode of the Multi Flight Display. Once again, the font and layout resemble the real 787 aircraft. The screenshot also includes a tease of the Vertical Situational Display.

The last two screenshots portray a chunk of the EICAS. Two yellow master cautions are noticeable along with engine and flaps parameters.

FlightFactor did not give any information on the release date or the pricing of the future addon.

If you wish to read about FlightFactor’s latest 767 project tease, have a read at George’s article.

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