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FlightFactor Officially Announces Boeing 777 v2 for X-Plane 11

FlightFactor’s Ramzzess has just a few moments ago taken to the X-Plane.org forums to share a piece of news that was long-awaited within the X-Plane 11 community and which will for sure bring a smile on the face of not one flight simmer. The current version of the Boeing 777 rendition from FlightFactor was for the first time released back in 2012 and did not receive much attention since.

Based on the forum post, the development began about eight months ago with “different principles in mind and different philosophy for the end-user“, as Ramzzess stated. The developers want the user to experience the sensations of being an airliner captain while feeling the details real pilots may experience during their training and flight sessions.

This model will incorporate all the successful features of our current models and more. there is no point in telling you how accurate we will try to make the 3D model, or how many switches you will be able to operate – you can guess all that anyway.

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Ramzzess – FlightFactor – X-Plane.org Forums

Besides the developers who are working on the aircraft, there are seven professional pilots that fly the Boeing 777 in real life, and a mechanic who closely works with the team at FlightFactor to achieve the best realism possible.

Further, a few questions regarding the aircraft development were answered. It was stressed by Ramzzess that there is no ETA for the aircraft as there are still many things to be done. The community was additionally reassured that the A320 Ultimate team is still working on improvements as well as work is still progressing on the upcoming Boeing 787 rendition from FlightFactor.

While the community was suspecting something happening with Ramzzess getting type rating for the Boeing 777 earlier this year, and some teasers made from the FlightFactor team through their Discord server and the X-Plane.org forums, nothing was official until today.

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Personally I have spent a lot of time over the past year going through all the training of a Boeing 777 Type Rating. Since June 2021, I am a proud, Boeing 777 Type Rated pilot. This first hand experience on a 777 helps me guide our team to develop the best 777 possible.

Ramzzess – FlightFactor – X-Plane.org Forums

We look forward to hearing more about the aircraft from the FlightFactor team and following the development closely in the future. There is unfortunately not much we know about the aircraft as of right now.

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