FlightFactor Previews PFD and ND for 777 v2

FlightFactor have taken to their Twitter page to share a sneak peak on the development of their Boeing 777 V2 rendition for X-Plane 11.

Last weekend, the well-known developer released a post that showcased both the Primary Flight Display (PFD) as well as the Navigation Display (ND) of their highly anticipated Boeing 777 v2 aircraft. Both flight instruments, located at the front of the cockpit, are fundamental for safe flight operations.

The Primary Flight Display (PFD)

FlightFactor Previews PFD and ND for 777 v2 - X-Plane, FlightFactor

The first image exhibits the PFD that will be implemented on the future model. The amount of detail put into this display is clearly visible. Many features appear to have improved and changed from their initial 777 rendition.

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Major key features of the PFD such as the Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Flight Mode Annunciator and the compass are accurately modelled. The Flight Director as well as the ILS indications are also modelled to a high degree of accuracy. More subtle features such as the clock or even the Angle-Of-Attack indicator have made their way onto the display.

The Navigation Display

FlightFactor Previews PFD and ND for 777 v2 - X-Plane, FlightFactor

The second and third images of the post depict the ND. A lot of effort is made to increase the realism of the display. The second picture presents the ND in its PLAN mode, where pilots can check whether their flight plan is correctly imputed. Compass directions, VOR beacons, airports as well as the TCAS indication are all modelled.

FlightFactor Previews PFD and ND for 777 v2 - X-Plane, FlightFactor

The last but not least image, depicts the MAP mode of the ND. This picture showcases the sheer amount of detail that FlightFactor has included in their displays. All the basis features such as arcs, waypoints and beacons are present. Fixes are also implemented in the model, which allows pilots to draw distance circles as well as bearing lines based on a specific point. This steps up the level of realism of the aircraft.

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The Boeing 777 ( also known as the Triple Seven) is a high density, long range wide-body airline . The flagship aircraft made its maiden flight on the 12th June 1994, and has since taken over the arduous task of following the legacy left by the iconic Boeing 747. The aircraft is manufactured over 1,600 times and is widely operated around the globe.

This preview was released following another teaser that showcased the 777 v2’s future cabin. If you are interested to learn more about this news, feel free to read Patrick’s article on the cabin preview.

No information of the release date or the pricing of the future addon have been disclosed by FlightFactor.

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