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FlightFactor Teases 767-400 for X-Plane

While still working on two other projects, namely the 777v2 and 787 for X-Plane, FlightFactor has earlier today shared two previews showcasing the early stages of the Boeing 767-400 development.

FlightFactor has had a Boeing 767 for X-Plane in their portfolio for a very long time, however, not the -400 variant. The -400 variant is very different from the others, especially when it comes to the flight deck. As you can see in the previews below, it is more related to the 777 rather than the other 767s.

We put both previews to the article. They are showcasing solely the 767-400 cockpit in Blender, the modelling software FlightFactor uses. Many aspects of the cockpit are still missing, however, only demonstrating the early stages of the development.

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FlightFactor has stressed that this is not an official announcement of the aircraft. They do not want to make any promises, do not want to answer any questions, and there are no dates. As they said in the post: “Maybe it will be never released at all.“.

The previews were shared very close to April Fool’s day, hence many people were suspecting this was a joke from FlightFactor. Turtle, moderator of the FlightFactor Discord server, has, later on, confirmed that it is a genuine announcement. He also stressed, however, that it might not release at all.

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