13.11.2020 – 15:38z

FlightFactor Updates 757 And 767 for XP11

FlightFactor just updated both the 767 and 757 with a new BETA versions. The updates are mostly related to fixes, with both aircraft having their flickering displays fixed on AMD Video Cards.

The 767 received the largest amount of fixes having two versions 1.31 and 1.32 integrated in the release. The most notable fixes are a new brake temperature logic and fixes to the failure scenario logic. The APU door animation fix as well as a few lightning and reflection fixes were also released. The full list of fixes is down below.

The 757 on the other hand saw a fix to its -200 fuselage model, a few lights and yaw damper button text. Please keep in mind, that both updates are still in the BETA stage therefore can still have issues.

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The new update is available for existing 757/767 customers via the “X-Updater” application located in the aircraft folder. Please keep in note, that you need to have the aircraft owned for at least 12 hours and Java installed in order to update the aircraft.

If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so for $92 (767757) in case you want the Professional Extended versions.

767 Changelog
  • fixed the apu door animation
  • changes the EEC button lamps
  • use AMD video driver >= 20.10.1 to fix displays flickering on AMD video cards 1.3.11
  • fixed problems with Cross-Feed/Fuel Balancing
  • fixed cleaning EICAS Messages “AFT FUEL X-FEED”/”FWD FUEL X-FEED”
  • fixed some issues in failure scenarios logic and UI
  • fixed reflections of eicas displays
  • fixed speed trend vector in FPDS avionics
  • fixed unexpected engines shutdown on loading in-sim situations like on-approach with in-sim engines running checkbox checked
  • changed brake temperature logic
  • some fixes for lights and marching ants issues
757 Changelog
  • added some cockpit lamps glow
  • added missed yaw dumper button text
  • fixed the 757-200 fuselage
  • use AMD video driver >= 20.20.1 to fix displays flickering on AMD video cards

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