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FlightFX Provides Development Updates on Upcoming CL3500 and C750 for MSFS

FlightFX provided via their Discord server updates on their upcoming products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They revealed that the Cessna Citation X (C750) and the Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (P180) projects are currently in the alpha stage of development. FlightFX also shared a video showcasing some of the animations they have created for the C750. Furthermore, they announced their new project for MSFS: The Bombardier Challenger 350 (CL35) and 3500 (CL3500). They shared some screenshots of the development of this new project as a first look into this new aircraft.

Brand-new Animations Showcased for the C750

FlightFX has already shown the sound recording process for this aircraft, which we covered in a previous article here. Recently, they released a new video displaying the aircraft’s animations in-game. This video highlights the animations for the tail, wing, and landing gear sections of the aircraft.

The tail section of the aircraft includes animations for the horizontal stabilizer trim, elevator, and rudder. The trim and elevator were shown moving from their maximum up position to their maximum down position according to the aircraft’s limitations. The rudder of this aircraft has its top and bottom parts animated. Both of these parts serve a different purpose in the operation of the aircraft. For the wing section of the aircraft, they showcased the animations for flaps, slats, aileron, and spoiler. The landing gear has an animation that simulates the suspension of the aircraft. This animation is shown while the aircraft is in motion, turning on the ground to demonstrate how the aircraft shifts from one side to the other.

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This video shows the advancements made in the development of the C750. However, FlightFX did not reveal any details regarding the release date or pricing of this add-on. They only mentioned that the project is currently in the alpha stage of development.

FlightFX’s Brand New Project: The CL35 and CL3500

One of the biggest news from FlightFX is the announcement of the Bombardier Challenger 350 (CL35) and 3500 (CL3500) as their next product for MSFS. Both aircraft are improved versions of the Bombardier Challenger 300 (CL30) initially launched in 2001 by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. The CL35 was launched in 2014, and features improved engine performance and a stronger wing that enables more payload. The most noticeable difference between the CL35 and the CL30 is the canted winglets. The CL3500 was launched in 2021 and comes with the changes from the CL35, along with an auto-throttle and a brand-new cabin. Business jet companies such as NetJets and VistaJet are the main operators of this aircraft.

The team at FlightFX has shared some images that show the development process of this aircraft. These photos were taken inside the real aircraft, where the team was measuring the cabin for future reference. Some other pictures include screenshots of the aircraft in development. FlightFX showcases the cockpit and offers a glimpse of the cabin and landing gear in development for the CL35 and CL3500.

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FlightFX has not provided any additional information regarding the CL35 and 3500 aircraft. However, regular updates about the progress of the C750, CL350, and CL3500 will be available on their Discord server. To learn more about FlightFX’s previous releases for MSFS, you can refer to this article.

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