FlyByWire Simulations has taken to their Facebook page to update the flight sim community on their latest developments for their A32NX project for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The team at FlyByWire has communicated that despite having difficulties concerning the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim V update, they are committed to continuing the development of the A32NX freeware project.

They have also showcased their latest addition to their project. FlyByWire has completely reworked the cockpit textures of the A32NX. The pictures clearly demonstrate the more realistic and tarnished effect that has been added to the textures of the overhead panel. The textures of the cockpit pedestal are also retouched, with a glossy finish. This addition clearly elevates the aesthetics of the aircraft and allows simmers to appreciate a more immersive experience when flying.

If you are interested, you can try out this feature by updating the A32NX to the latest development version.

Author: Darun

My love for aviation was sparked in 2013 at Le Bourget Airshow, after seeing the A380 doing its spectacular display. Since then, I have turned to flight simulation to experience the thrill of being in command of aircraft. My passion for writing as well as my strong interest in aviation has led me to join this fantastic team and contribute to the flight sim community with punctual and reliable articles on the latest news and events.

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