FlyJSim, a developer behind well-known 737-200 renditon for X-Plane 11, has today released a new development update. FlyJSim is very much known for these kind of development updates, and today is no different.

It has been made clear, at the start of the post, that the team is currently not being affected by COVID-19.

Shared Flight

Shared Flight has been announced last year in a very similar development update made by FlyJSim. For those, who are not sure what Shared Flight is, it’s basically a SmartCopilot competitor with more features. The project is still being worked on, but there were some delays caused by the continuous refinements of the features. Anyway, the Shared Flight has moved to internal alpha testing. There is still no ETA or pricing details other than that it will be a subscription-based model.

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FlyJSim has included previews and some information about their currently developed Dash 8 rendition for X-Plane 11. The systems of the aircraft are “well underway”, and the developers are aiming to make this aircraft the most in-depth simulation they’ve ever made.

The aircraft will be VR compatible with intuitive and manipulative design. FlyJSim is cooperating with real pilots and professionals who are providing them with information about the aircraft to ensure the best experience.

other projects?

At the end of the post, it has been said, that FlyJSim is currently focusing only on Q4XP and Shared Flight.

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