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Free World Update 16: Caribbean Now Available in MSFS

Visit the Caribbean in MSFS, now enhanced with handcrafted points of interest, seven airports, and various activities in 32 countries. The update was released precisely on schedule, announced last year, and later confirmed in January.

By downloading World Update 16: Caribbean for MSFS, flight simmers can enjoy 104 points of interest across the area. These include Nassau Harbor Lighthouse in the Bahamas, Saint John’s Cathedral in Anguilla, Colbeck Castle in Jamaica, and San Cristóbal Castle in Puerto Rico.

Apart from previously mentioned points of interest, the new update has a plethora to explore, including national parks, government buildings, hotels, churches, castles, cathedrals, venues, and lighthouses.

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What is interesting about the update is how the developers dealt with terrain mapping. As the Carribean region isn’t most known for its mountains, the MSFS team has worked with bathymetry data (bathymetry – the study of water floors) from all involved countries to ensure the depth perception is accurate and immersive for the users.

Joining that, the team has also worked closely with Bing Maps and Maxar to ensure the region is accurately depicted, working with aerial photographs, satellite data, LIDAR (light detection and ranging) data, DEM (digital elevation model) data, and DTM (digital terrain model) data.

As a gateway to exploring the Caribbean, you can use one of the seven new handcrafted airports included in World Update 16: Caribbean. A renowned studio, Gaya Simulations, developed all these airports.

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The airports range from major regional international hubs to smaller airports ideal as general aviation gateways to explore the neighboring islands and enjoy crystal-clear blue waters.

The airports included in the update are Gregorio Luperón International Airport (MDPP) in the Dominican Republic, Antoine-Simon Airport (MTCA) in Haiti, Sangster International Airport (MKJS) in Jamaica, A.N.R. Robinson International Airport (TTCP) in Trinidad and Tobago, Noth Eleuthera Airport (MYEH) in Bahamas, and Les Saintes Airport (TFFS) in Guadeloupe.

World Update 16: Caribbean further comes, just like other updates in the World Update series, with three landing challenges and discovery flights. Joined with the rest, a new Local Legend was also released, marking the first helicopter released in the Local Legend range: the Bell 47J Ranger.

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You can download World Update 16: Caribbean free of charge through the in-game Marketplace.

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