FSDreamTeam releases GSX Update!

On the first of July, the well known development group FSDreamTeam has released a major update to their products of GroundServicesX (GSX). Probarly the most anticipated update for GSX must have been the fact that the team has given PBR to all the vehicles. Making them more reflective.
The models didn’t only receive PBR treatment but they got a major overhaul. Giving them entirely new made models and animation. Thanks to the new 64 bones structure FSDT were able to give the ground crew more realistic animations.

The pushback function also did get an update. The ability to set custom pusback points visually, like other GSX vehicles, without having to insert Lat/Lon coordinates manually. The Free Mode is one of the highlights. Instead of being limited by an existing node of the AFCAD, GSX can be set to use a final point that can be freely specified. This Free Mode allows you to do tricky pushbacks which weren’t possible before this update.

FSDT posted on their forum: ”This is just the first step of the overall Pushback revamping, we won’t surely stop here, and push/pull and gate-to-gate will come but, we wanted to release it as soon as possible with the feature that affected the most those creating airports customization’s.”

Also one of the cool and neat new functions is the fuel hydrant. The hydrant replaces the well known fuel truck. Instead of the truck with fuel in it’s back, there now comes a little truck to your airplane. The animated ground crew will place the hydrant on the fuel connection point on the apron and it will start fueling.

For more information on this update visit the FSDT forum.

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