10.12.2020 – 17:43z

FSimStudios releases Vancouver update (P3D)

FSimStudios’ latest and greatest product has received a rather large update. The Vancouver Internatiol Airport (CYVR) scenery was previewed many times before releasing finally for Prepar3D early last month. A previous update focused on the accuracy of the Vancouver downtown area. The scenery is also being developed for MSFS.

The changelog is long. You can read the entire list below, but we’ll talk about the most important changes in more detail.

Apron 6, an apron east of the international terminal was added. In real life, some rent-a-car buildings had to be moved or destroyed to accommodate that change. Those changes are now visible in the simulator as well. Together with the apron, the gate numbering has been updated.

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Users have to switch the season of the scenery to winter manually now. It no longer does it automatically. Some vehicle animations were added too. There are overall performance increases and VAS usage decreases included in this update. And building on the previous update, the downtown area has been improved further.

Vancouver International Airport is located 12km from Downtown Vancouver, in Richmond, British Columbia. The airport is actually situated on a stretch of land known as Sea Island. Interestingly, it also has a terminal for floatplanes. It is one of the only international airports in the world to have that, and it’s also included in the scenery.

Users who wish to install this update are recommended to uninstall v1 first. If you’re interested in buying Vancouver International Airport for P3D v4 and v5, you can do so at the FSimStudios website for €21.50 or at Orbx for approx. €22.34 .

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  • Apron 6 (East of the International & Transborder terminal) added.
  • Rent-a-car buildings moved/deleted to accommodate for the new Apron 6, following real-life changes.
  • Airport gate numbering (ECHO and International terminal) updated as of November 2020.
  • Taxi centrelines improved, including orange/green alternating lights on high-speed runway exits.
  • Night lighting significantly improved.
  • Dynamic Lighting performance improved.
  • Dynamic Lighting effects, brightness, and placement improved.
  • Terminal interior lights up correctly at night. Terminal windows are now brighter and more transparent at night.
  • AFCAD improvements.
  • Winter environments improved. Winter is now optional and can be manually activated or deactivated through the scenery configurator.
  • Automatic season changes removed. Now season changes must be done manually, due to discrepancies on the changes of season for Vancouver.
  • VAS performance improved. Reduced VAS consumption on P3D v5 by up to 30% with ZERO visible quality loss.
  • Slight performance boosts.
  • Vehicle animations added.
  • Downtown Vancouver improved: Hand-edited custom modelled autogen, based on OSM data, with a minimal performance impact. Textured based on photos from real-life buildings.
  • Lions Gate bridge now has night lighting.
  • Improvements on the aerial images.
  • Ground Service equipment clutter improved around the airport.
  • Static aircrafts improved.
  • Helicopters and commercial aircraft can now be deactivated independently.
  • SODE Jetway static positions changed to match ground markings.
  • Default windsocks excluded.
  • Improved configurator tool.
  • WET-FX improvements.
  • SODE-Controlled weather-dependent changes adapted to be compatible with the new manual season switch.
  • Airport 3D Grass edited to be compatible with the new airport changes.
  • Ground polygon and taxiway edge textures improved and resized for VAS reduction.
  • Asphalt/concrete surfaces are now solid (no “kicking grass” effect).
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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