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FSLabs Concorde for P3D in Release Candidate State

Through their forum page, the team at Flight Sim Labs confirmed that their Concorde rendition for Prepar3D is in its final stage of development.

Release Candidate Status of the Concorde

The developer stated that their Concorde rendition is currently in the RC2 (Release Candidate 2) state, indicating that the aircraft is very close to its release version.

At the time of writing, an administrator from FSLabs mentioned that the development team intends to conduct testing on the RC2 iteration of the aircraft during a transatlantic flight to assess its overall status. Moreover, he stated that the team was busy preparing their website for the release.

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Finally, FSLabs updated their Facebook cover photo to a screenshot showcasing the rendition in flight. Although subtle, this detail further hints at an imminent release of the product.

To learn more about all the quirks and features implemented on the upcoming aircraft, I suggest reading this article on the topic.

Release Date and Pricing Information

While the release of the Concorde version is close, FSLabs did not provide a precise release date nor pricing details.

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Background Information on the Aircraft

The Concorde, a legendary supersonic airliner, left an indelible mark on aviation with its pioneering design and unparalleled capabilities. Born from collaborative British and French efforts, it took its maiden flight in 1976 and remained operational until its retirement in 2003.

Defined by its sleek frame, delta wings, and iconic droop-nose, the Concorde’s appearance was as distinctive as its performance. Powered by Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 engines, the aircraft reached supersonic Mach 2 speeds, allowing it to cross the Atlantic Ocean in less than four hours.

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