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FSS: E-Jets Freighter Release Coming Soon

The developers over at FSS have released a new dev update on their E-Jets Freighter variant for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside the December 2023 release of the E190 and E195 series, FSS had announced that an extension was being worked on. This is now confirmed to be the E-Jets Freighter variant (P2F).

Note from the developers

Slated to be released in the second Quarter of 2024, the team stated that they are on track with the release timeline given in December 2023. The first internal tests have already begun and the product is not far from being released, although a release date has not yet been specified.

The team also said that the release of the freighter variant will not affect the development of their custom FMS including their extended LNAV and VNAV capabilities. This release is solely a new 3D model.

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The developers also noted that due to the limited operations of the real-life aircraft, and the first test flights having just been completed, data sources available publicly will be very limited. Hence, there may be deviations from the real model. The same has to be applied when it comes to liveries too. The team has researched the airlines that will operate the E-Jets Freighter, focusing on airlines that are looking to replace their old 737 freighters.

Features included in the new E-Jets Freighter

Behind the scenes, the E-Jets Freighter and the current E170-195 are very similar. Apart from the visual differences the systems are almost identical. The only difference between the current jets and the new E-Jets Freighter is in the EFB.

The cargo cabin has of course been modeled in this new variant, with the main cargo door also being animated accurately. The main cargo door can be opened via the EFB or the special panel in the cabin. A suitable GSX Pro profile will also come included with the EJet on release.

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With the new models come new liveries too, and the team has created several liveries that will be showcased soon. All liveries are fictional until further notice.

Pricing information

All customers who currently own the E170-E175 package and the E190-E195 package will be able to use the E-Jets Freighter variant free of charge. The developers are currently working on implementing a solution that will allow users to easily obtain an activation code in the Contrail Shop or the Aerosoft One store. It is irrelevant where the E-Jet was bought; it is only important to FSS that the Xbox user name is the same for both packages in the simulator.

For users who currently only own one E-Jets package, they’ll have one of two choices. You can either purchase the other missing E-Jets package and get the freighter for free or you can purchase the freighter as a stand-alone product. The stand-alone freighter product will be offered at a reduced preferential price (at least only during the Early Access period). This would provide a cheaper and easier first entry for users who have not used any FSS E-Jet products.

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It must be noted, however, that there will be no discount on the E17X and E19X packages, even if the E-Jets Freighter has been purchased separately. Thus, FSS recommends investing in the E17X and E19X packages long term and getting the Freighter free of charge.

Marketplace and Xbox

FSS has already pushed an update to Microsoft to include the E-Jets Freighter variant in the Marketplace. It will be the first E-Jet product that will be available via this channel. Other variants will follow suit, but only once the FSS team gains more experience working in this new environment and how the product performs. Because unlike on the Contrail and Aerosoft One store, they won’t have the option of rolling out quick hotfixes in the Marketplace.

The team also needs to test how the product will perform in the completely unknown Xbox environment before pushing it for release on the platform. The development team is currently waiting on Microsoft to provide them with the necessary data. After that, the E-Jets will be tested by everyone in the new channel and, if necessary, fixed until it is finally released.

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If you are curious, you can check out their last development update here. If you would like to see some previous changes to the aircraft, you can also read our article about version 0.9.28. For more flight sim-related news, announcements, releases, and more, do check out our other articles on FSNews.

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