5.5.2024 – 09:42z

FSS Updates E-jets Series for MSFS to Version 0.9.28

The developers over at FSS have released a new update for their E-jets series. The update is filled with a lot of new features that all simmers would enjoy. Including FMS speed mode management, FADEC system and more bug fixes.

With this new update, new systems have been introduced in their update: their new FADEC system, TRS system, FMS Speed, and Cabin announcements.

The new E-jets have now a customized engine controller that brings this E-jets rendition closer to reality. This adds some features that were previously missing. The engines now spool down and spool up more realistically. The throttle detents (TOGA) and (MAX) correspond to their limits in manual thrust operation.  Allowing the user to disconnect the Auto throttle and apply TOGA users will get TOGA thrust.  

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The new system, ATTCS (Automatic Take-off Thrust Control System) has been implemented, which allows for the throttle to increase in case of an engine failure.

Bugs in the TRS System have been found and fixed by the team. The CON thrust rating has been implemented for engine out operations in cruise.

Newly Added FMS Speed Mode

One of the biggest milestones the development team has reached was the implementation of the FMS speed mode. This was one of the most frequently requested features from the community. To activate Speed mode, turn the selector knob on the autopilot panel to FMS instead of MAN. The mode can also be recognized by the magenta-coloured speed selection (MAN is green). This allows for fully automatic throttle control. More information can be found in their user guide here.

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Improved Cabin Announcements

The third improvement was made to the cabin announcements. The E-jets will now try to simulate the crew coordination with the cabin as realistically as possible – from the captain’s point of view. The announcements are individual depending on the livery (but cannot currently be modified by users). The system is quite sophisticated. If you activate “Enable Announcements Auto Mode” in the EFB Operator settings, you can make yourself comfortable and simply enjoy the announcements. Otherwise, you play the captain yourself and control your announcements individually.

More Upcoming Features for E-Jets

The final part of the update post by the team was some features that will be implemented in the future, including a WASM version of the EICAS display in the next update. This would reduce the performance strain and complexity. Some of the cockpit instruments have been converted to WASM, but the EICAS is a very complex system and is yet to be converted. In addition to the indications, it also contains the CAS message logic. The team have indicated that the progress is good and will make a future announcement about it.

Moreover, the team hinted at May being a busy release month for them as the promised E-190 and E-195 Freighter variants would be released then. This would be a free update for all customers who own both of the E-Jets packages. Otherwise, it will be set a price. More information on the freighter version including photos is yet to come.

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To conclude, this update brings a lot of new features that are sure to add more realism and enhance the immersion of the virtual pilots with the E-jets products. This update heads the product in a positive way with more updates to come to further improve the performance of the airplane.

You can also check out the entire changelog, including the minor changes via the FSS website here. If you would like to see some previous changes to the aircraft, you can also read our article about version 0.9.26.

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