21.11.2023 – 20:54z

FTXDes Releases Trailer For Eilat Ramon Airport for MSFS

FTXDes released an official trailer for their upcoming scenery Eilat Ramon Airport (LLER) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The trailer showcases multiple aspects of the scenery, from highly detailed terminals to true-to-life textures.

About The Scenery

The trailer begins by showcasing the immensely detailed interiors and exteriors of the ATC tower with true-to-life textures and modelling. The terminal, including the gateway and roads, has also been modelled with amazing interiors.

A lot of attention has also been given to modelling the ramp and its surrounding areas, including the fuel stations, fire station, and old aircraft sitting on the ramp. The terrain of this airport has been matched with the surrounding geography and gives the accurate feeling of being in the middle of a desert.

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The scenery has been furnished with all the service roads available to ground vehicles at the actual airport; unfortunately, at the moment, it is unclear whether the addon will support GSX natively or not. The airport lights, both the terminal and the ramps, have been given a natural and soothing touch throughout the day.

About Eilat Ramon International Airport

Eilat Ramon International Airport has been named after Ilan and Assaf Ramon, both fighter pilots for the Israeli Air Force. Ilan Ramon was also the first Israeli astronaut. The airport has been in operation since 2019 and replaced the old Eilat’s and Ovda airports for passenger transport.

The airport is equipped with a single 3600-meter runway and is the second busiest international airport in Israel. It also serves as a primary diversion airport nationwide. Ryanair was the first international airline to fly to this airport from Poland on March 4, 2019.

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At this time, the price remains to be announced, together with the release date. You can read about the previous previews of the scenery in our article from September this year by clicking here.

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