FTXDes Showcases Dynamic Progress of Ramon International Airport for MSFS

More than a year ago, FTXDes made an exciting declaration: they were set on transforming their Ramon International Airport (LLER) scenery, originally crafted for Prepar3D, into a captivating add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The dedicated development team has shared their progress on their Facebook page, giving aviation enthusiasts a sneak peek into their creative process.

Ramon International Airport is situated 18 kilometers north of the sun-soaked Eilat in southern Israel. Since 2019, it has been gradually taking over civilian traffic from Eilat and Ovda airports. The airport features a single runway spanning 3.600 meters, capable of accommodating aircraft of all sizes. Additionally, Ramon Airport stands as a vital alternative to the bustling Ben Gurion Airport, solidifying its role as a dependable aviation hub.

FTXDes has provided a revealing glimpse into the upcoming airport, showcasing its impressive attributes through shared images. It’s evident that the airport is set to feature an intricately detailed terminal, complete with elaborately designed interiors. The custom buildings feature high-quality textures, and the surrounding environment has also been meticulously crafted with attention to detail.

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Although a precise release date remains undisclosed, FTXDes is committed to unveiling their anticipated add-on within the upcoming months. They plan to reveal the release date as it draws nearer. All the information about LLER scenery add-on for Prepar3D can be found here.

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