Gaya Simulations Previews Jetways for Munich Airport Scenery

In a post on their Facebook page, Gaya Simulations have shared a couple of new previews showcasing jetways that will be in the upcoming Munich Airport (EDDM) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The previews are showcasing two different jetway variants: one with O2 branding, and the second with the airport’s decent, nice-looking, logo.

Gaya Simulations is known to release all their major airport hubs for all three platforms (X-Plane, Prepar3D, MSFS). As of today, this is expected to be also the case with this scenery. However, it was not confirmed officially by the developers just yet.

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Both jetway variants were previewed from various angles and can be seen below. We assume that the jetways will be animated and will offer the ability to connect them with the aircraft at the gate.

The developers from Gaya Simulation were pretty silent about this project in the past. The scenery was last time mentioned two months ago, and then a year ago in a roadmap stream. Back then, the release was scheduled for Q1 2021.

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It further seems like the developers did not make much progress since the scenery announcement. While we have to wait for more information, we can at least enjoy these new previews from the developers.

The team from Gaya Simulations has made, back in the roadmap stream, multiple other announcements about which we’ve not heard much ever since. These include projects like London Stansted, Rio de Janeiro, or Lugano airports. On a better note, based on the Gaya Simulations website, the projects were not yet canceled.

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