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Gaya Simulations Promise 8 New Airports During Roadmap Stream

On Saturday the 14th November Gaya Simulations presented their first Roadmap Stream via YouTube, and teased their audience with 8 up and coming airports, and another 9 to be announced tomorrow.

Presented by Raz, the broadcast began by reassuring customers that they will not give up quality for quantity, despite the reasonably long list of current projects. Nothing will be released unless it meets, in Raz’s words, “their exacting standards”. The high quality can be seen in past and current releases, which the video highlighted. Releases such as LOWW, LGKO, and EDDT, the latter being one of their best selling and most popular products to date. They also mention LIRQ, which has been released for MSFS, but will be ported over to other platforms in the not to distant future.

They next mentioned that an update is currently in progress for Vienna Airport. New buildings are being modelled to bring the scenery up to date. The airport has undergone significant changes in recent times and Gaya Simulations want to reflect that.

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Now to the major part of their presentation: new announcements. All the following airports are for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Taking us on a trip around Europe, the video first presented Austria and Sankt Johann Airport (LOIJ), a scenic airport in the Tirol Mountains. Though still in development, the developers were insistent on outlining their process, especially when coming to previewing products. If they cannot get a decent screenshot, the product is not ready, it’s as simple as that.

Then to Norway, and Kristiansand Airport (ENCN), an ideal base for winter sports. This product is very close to release. From their the presentation went to Switzerland, and Zurich Airport (LSZH). This is planned to be released before Christmas 2020. Also in Switzerland is Lugano Airport (LSZA), surrounded by lakes and mountains. This is still in development.

From Switzerland the video went to Germany, and Munich Airport (EDDM). Development is progressing nicely and they hope to release this in the first quarter of 2021. Then to Great Britain, and Stanstead Airport (EGSS). Early stage screenshots show just how excited they are about this airport.

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They then zipped across the ocean to the Americas, and first to Brazil. Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ) will include plenty of POI’s, with all airport buildings and will also feature the Bay. Then to North America, and a small airport in Rhode Island, called Block Island State Airport (KBID). This is Gaya Simulation’s first foray into North America, but it won’t be the last.

Finally, they announced they will be releasing more information on another nine products, all based in Greece and the Greek Islands. Be sure to listen out for more updates as we get them, here at FSNews.

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This was an exuberant presentation highlighting just how excited Gaya Simulations are for their current and future products. The simulation community should look forward to what they have to bring to the world of flight simulation.

Source: Gaya Simulations Forum

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