Got Friends Releases Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat for MSFS

Got Friends recently took to their Facebook page to announce the release of the Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The rendition is one of several add-ons created by the developer for the platform.

Key Features of the F4F-4

The Got Friends F4F-4 has many notable features. Firstly, the add-on has a high-fidelity flight model with NPS (New propeller system), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation), and Soft Body Simulation. The developer has also developed the aircraft’s interior to a high level of detail with features including an in-cockpit map tray as well as a collimated gunsight with two reticle options. Additionally, the add-on features droppable bombs, nighttime tracers, several custom animations, as well as 12 historically accurate 4K liveries with a paint kit available on Got Friends website.

The aircraft furthermore also features a high-fidelity WWISE sound package with custom engine and foley sounds. As the F4F-4 was primarily a carrier-based aircraft, the add-on includes a tailhook, simulated launch bar, and aircraft carrier support with Touching Cloud, Jay Shrike, and Supercarrier Pro. Furthermore, the aircraft includes engine vibration effects, crash damage modeling, and a complex electrical system with circuit breakers.

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A Little About the Grumman F4F

The Grumman F4F Wildcat was an American-made carrier-based fighter aircraft used primarily by the United States Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the [British] Royal Navy. The aircraft was introduced into military service in 1940 and was retired in 1945 with over 7000 units built. The F4F-4 was a variant of the F4F featuring six machine guns and a new folding wings system. The F4F saw action in the Second World War, specifically in the Pacific Ocean during the Pacific Theater.

A Little About the Developer

Got Friends is a well-respected developer within the MSFS community, known for their commitment to detail and dedication to their products. They have also released other popular products for MSFS and are known for their Double Ender, Astro 500, and Mini-500, all crafted with great attention to detail.

Overall, the addition of the Got Friends F4F-4 for MSFS, appears to offer significant value to flight simulation enthusiasts, particularly those interested in World War II aviation. The add-on can be purchased on Got Friend’s website for $19.99. For more flight sim-related news, do check out our coverage of other announcements, releases, updates, and more on FSNews.

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