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GSX Pro for MSFS Released

Over two years after the public release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSDreamTeam has released GSX Pro for MSFS. The release follows a number of flight sim content creators publishing videos and streaming their experience using the addon.

The release of the GSX also follows a statement from the team confirming that the addon is going to come in August of 2022. If you want to read more about that, you can read our other article by clicking here.

GSX Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator significantly improves all ground services like pushback, catering, refuelling, baggage loading and marshalling, and adds entirely new services not available in the simulator from default.

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Animated passengers & FollowMe

Flight simmers can now, using GSX Pro, enjoy fully animated passengers and personnel around the aircraft on the ground. This way, the environment on the ground around the aircraft is more realistic.

In addition, if you ever get lost at an airport, you can call for a FollowMe car to guide you. FSDreamTeam made use of the new technologies Microsoft Flight Simulator offers and, thus, GSX Pro offers more features than its predecessor for Prepar3D and FSX.


If you need pushback from the gate, you can request a realistic pushback service with a fully animated crew and a bypass pin simulation. The pushback automatically reads the airport files to always push the aircraft to the line in a direction the user selects.

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If you wouldn’t happen to like where the truck is pushing you to, you can always edit the track. Your changes are then saved for the next time you fly out of the spot.

Region-specific liveries & scenery compatibility

GSX Pro offers over 900 variants of jetways that are accurately placed around airports worldwide and more than 230 different ground handling vehicle liveries that are automatically selected depending on the airport.

FSDreamTeam promises compatibility with all airports, default or 3rd party, from default. Nonetheless, if you would not like how ground services behave at a specific airport, you can easily customize everything and share your settings with your friends or other community members.

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In the case of aircraft, upon release, GSX Pro supports the PMDG 737 product line, the FlyByWire A320 NEO, the Fenix A320, Leonardo MD-80 and all default aircraft.

You can buy GSX Pro for MSFS now through the FSDreamTeam’s website for €31.20 with VAT excluded.

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