13.9.2023 – 23:20z

Incredible Parallel 42 42SS Sunset Strip Scene Released for MSFS

In recent flight sim news, Parallel 42 has taken to their website to announce their release of Sunset Strip Scene in beautiful Northern California. Parallel 42 has handcrafted a beautiful dirt strip near Finley Lake, California complete with high-quality objects. Pilots may even be able to see ATVs and dirtbikes ripping around the strip.

A Beautiful Strip in California

Sunset Strip Scene (42SS) is a stunning scene built for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is Parallel 42’s latest rendition of fictional backcountry flying with a 492-foot dirt strip and a helipad for those rotorcraft pilots. This is the company’s last scene in their collection of fictional Northern California bush flying scenes. Located near Finley Lake just southwest of Redding this airport is built for bush flying.

To make for challenging approaches, the runway is only able to depart and land in one direction. Watch out for the winds. This scene is built for pilots who want to get away from nature and discover the magnificent valleys and lakes of California. Bring some friends to fly low and slow. Pilots might even have the opportunity to fly next to America’s national bird, the Bald Eagle.

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Key Features of 42SS Sunset Strip

While flying at or around Sunset Strip pilots will have the opportunity to view and take in the beautiful landscape. Parallel 42 has built multiple campgrounds with visitors along with fishing spots. To enhance your camping experience check out our review of Parallel 42’s Campout utility. Pilots will even be able to see campers with their radios. Listen out for the music.

Not only will you see campers, but for those simmers who enjoy ATV rides take a flight over the UTV lanes that meander through the surrounding area. You will be able to see ATVs making donuts in the dirt. Pilots will be able to fly around a working farm that even has an animated windmill. If you are lucky you might even see a massive furry friend. When flying around the lake, pilots will have the opportunity to witness frogs jumping across lilypads.

Available Now

This scene is built for those bush pilots who enjoy challenging approaches and enjoying nature. To have a more in-depth review of Parallel 42’s Northern California Scenes, check out our review with an exclusive talk with the company’s CEO. For a beautiful bush pilot trip make sure to check out Parallel 42’s Bluffers Hill, Hogsback Ranch, Sharktooth Ridge, and Mr. Goodbar. This scene is available for PC. To purchase Parallel 42’s Sunset Strip scene head to their online store to get your copy. Stay up to date on all flight simulator news, releases, and more on our website.

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