3.2.2024 – 17:11z

iniBuilds A300 Updated to 1.0.4

The iniBuilds team has updated their popular Airbus A300 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing many technical changes and improvements to the aircraft. It also addresses issues with the art aspect of the aircraft and even navigational bugs.

The update is now available for everyone who owns the A300 to download via the iniManager app. The developer announced the update’s release via their Discord server.

Visual Improvements

Speaking of the art fixes of the A300, the developer focused on smaller details, like the N1 needle moving when it should be stationary, the emergency exit disarm light being inoperable and the sun visor on the first officer side, which was the other way around.

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The timing between the beacon light flashing was also adjusted, and it should not be as fast anymore. The iniBuilds team also addressed issues with missing flags in cold and dark state, missing integral light and a live vest decal, that was not moving with the chair.

System Improvements

The developer also fixed VNAV, and the problem with early DECEL was now resolved. Modifying altitudes in GO AROUND PAGE in the FMC is now also possible. The issue with entering airways is no longer persistent, and adjustments were made to cold and dark panel state.

Manual selected VOR should no longer revert to autotune and throttle should also no longer go idle on a bumpy runway.

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EFB Improvements

The EFB also received some changes in the latest Airbus A300 update. The auto tiller should now be always available as a setting in the EFB, the default thrust setting should now be saving properly and oil shall no longer replenish itself between flights.

Sound Changes

The sound pack was not left behind in this update either, and the iniBuilds team changed the ALT HLD switch sound will no longer play when the FMA mode changes, GPWS callouts are not quiet anymore and they improved the overall sound mixing levels.

Lastly, some issues around the sound pack that were reported in user feedback were resolved, too.

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The full changelog is also available via the iniBuilds Forums, and if you would like to learn more about the developer, make sure to read our previous article about their recent release of Leeds Bradford Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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