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iniBuilds Announces Antonov An-225 for MSFS

Inibuilds surprised the flight-sim community by announcing their works on an upcoming Antonov An-225 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. First unveiled during MSFS’s Twitch ‘February Dev Stream’, iniBuilds took to their social media platforms to confirm the news.

The announcement came through as a short trailer during the live stream. The trailer showcased the Antonov An-225 lining up and taking off. Shortly afterwards, Dmitro Antonov (also known as Commander Antonov), an experienced An-225 pilot, gave a short speech about the aircraft. In his speech, Dmitro explained that Microsoft partnered with Antonov to bring the aircraft’s legacy into Flight Simulator.

The stream followed with the commentary of Cameron from iniBuilds, who walked through the unique and exciting features of the upcoming rendition. The flight deck included the Captain and First Officer’s seating, followed by the Flight Engineer’s panel, the Electrical Engineer’s panel, the Navigator’s section and finally, the Radio Operator’s section.

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Moreover, Cameron unveiled the crew rest section of the An-225.

The walkthrough followed with a visit to the unpressurised section of the aircraft, which is also the gigantic cargo section.

iniBuilds Announces Antonov An-225 for MSFS - IniBuilds, Microsoft Flight Simulator

Finally, the magnificent exterior model of the An-225 was exhibited. Notable exterior features include the six Progress D-18T turbojet engines, the retractable loading ramps and the sturdy 32-wheeled gear system.

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Towards the end of the stream, Jorg Neumann (who is the head of MSFS) stated that the An-225 rendition would be a payware aircraft priced at around $20. Furthermore, Jorg explained that Microsoft plans to send all proceeds raised by the sale to Antonov to contribute to the rebuilding project of the An-225.

In addition, the aircraft is planned for release on the 27th of February for PC users. Unfortunately, Xbox users will have to wait until the release of Sim Update 12 to fly the aircraft.

Are you excited to fly the Antonov An-225? Let us know in the comments below!

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