9.12.2023 – 14:42z

iniBuilds Updates on A300-600 for MSFS

Development of the iniBuilds flagship Airbus A300-600 is continuing, continuing with their large emphasis on quality, both in modelling and texturing. The team at iniBuilds have shared with us some screenshots of the current liveries that their team have been working on in the lead-up to release.

iniBuilds has stated that feature implementation and testing are still ongoing, but, they have not mentioned anything regarding the previously set end-of-year release target for the Airbus A300-600. Their livery artists within the team have created some “vibey” liveries for us all to enjoy.

These liveries are a nod to some previous operators of the A300-600, from United Airlines in the USA, and Thai Airways to Monarch, a now-defunct operator that was based in the UK. Featuring in these liveries is immense detail provided by iniBuilds, as stated in the August development update, they “have left no room for compromise when it comes to quality.”

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As far as we are aware, there have been no changes to the expected release of the aircraft. iniBuilds mentioned in the August update that they are releasing in three stages.

Stage one, which comprises the General Electric freighter and passenger variant of the aircraft is set to be released by the end of 2023, followed by a hotfix by the end of the year.

Stage two is the release of the Pratt and Whitney passenger and cargo version of the aircraft, IDC addition and further bug fixes. They have speculated that this will release in early 2024. The final stage is the EPIC Mod variant, which will be a paid-for expansion, and they are expecting a release sometime in 2024.

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If you want to read more about the development of the A300, you can do so by checking out our report on the August 2023 development update here.

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