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Airbus A300 Tentative Release Date Announced by iniBuilds in Exciting Dev Update

Renowned add-ons developer iniBuilds took to their forum page yesterday to release a development update on their Airbus A300-600 rendition. The developer also gave us a tentative release date and announced the official launch of their Summer Surprises product sale event which starts today.

3D Modeling and Textures

iniBuilds goes in-depth to clarify some of the updates the team had shared when the project was first announced for MSFS back in June 2023 during FSExpo. iniBuilds states that the exterior boasts meticulous attention to detail and each rivet, screw, panel gap, and placard has been thoughtfully recreated using high-resolution decal sheets. The cabin and cargo door have also been recreated in incredible detail with intricate animations.

But the depth of detail doesn’t end there as even the smallest features such as the fully operational models of the nose gear interphone panel, external power panel, and main cargo door control panel have all been modeled with meticulous detail. The liveries too authentically embrace each operator’s unique identity adorned with stencils and markings. They are extremely detailed showcasing artful application of weathering effects that reflect real-world wear and tear.

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Systems and Flight Model

The team then goes on to detail the things they have been working on for the past few months. The Airbus A300 uses the latest simulation techniques available in its flight models and systems. The aircraft rendition will feature CFD simulation being run over the wings and tail of the airplane and will be reinjected back into the flight model. The A300 was built from the beginning with this technology in mind.

The aircraft will also feature an advanced ground effect model using CFD tech, accurate drag and engine thrust simulation, and a brand-new auto-flight system built from scratch. The new auto-flight system will include new flight directors for smoother guidance, a new autoland system, and new AP handling which will overhaul LVL CHANGE V/S and all other basic modes for smooth and accurate automated flying. It will also feature a new LNAV system that will be better able to handle more complex SIDs and STARs.

When does the Airbus A300 Release for MSFS?

Since this is the last development update iniBuilds will provide till final testing and release preparation, the team does give us a tentative release date for the product and the stages of release.

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The initial and first stage of release features the GE-engined version of the aircraft (both freighter and passenger variants) and will be available to all simmers before the end of 2023. The PW-engined version (again both passenger and freighter variants) will be the second stage of release and will be available in early 2024. The third and final stage of the release will be the “EPIC Mod” variant which will be a retro-modern variant of the aircraft (both GE/PW engines and the passenger and freigher versions) and will be available sometime in 2024.

A very exciting update from the team at iniBuilds and another very complex medium-long haul airliner will soon be in our hands to soar the virtual skies of MSFS. For more iniBuilds-related news, announcements, releases, and more do check out our coverage.

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